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OPPLE Smart Lighting stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly system, making it the most accessible option in the market. Elevate your surroundings with efficiency and reliability!


Choose Smart!

The OPPLE Smart Lighting System can be used anywhere. At any moment you can switch to any desired scene to fit the right environment like an office, factory or school.

Additionally, with daylight control, the amount of light of the luminaires is adjusted to be incidental to the daylight thus maintaining the right amount of light and saving energy.

Our new Tunable White luminaires can easily be operated with our Smart Lighting System. 



Smart Lighting for Offices and Industries

New additions to the Smart portfolio: 

Smart Relais DIM

In addition to the standard Smart relay, there is now also a Smart Relay Dim available, with which you can dim TRIAC dimmable luminaires or lamps.

Smart DALI Converter

With the Smart DALI Converter, all types of DALI fittings of all brands can be added to the Smart system. This gives these fixtures the
same functionality as the Smart fixtures and you benefit from all the Smart advantages.

Smart 10V Converter

If you have a 1-10V fixture, such as our Wall-Mounted Performer, it can now also be connected to the Smart Lighting system.

Smart Multi Switch Module

With this module, you can make every switch smart. Every type of conventional push button wall switch can now be integrated into the Smart system.


Developments continue

Tunable White

Varying colours in the same fixture is called Tunable White (TW). With our Smart Lighting System you can also easily operate our new Tunable White luminaires.

This allows you to easily switch from warm white to cool white (2700K-6500K) and back. This way you can design your workplace with the colour temperature that you like.

For example, in a meeting room, adjust the colour to cool white (6500K) to be extra alert or to warm white (2700K) to relax and create an informal atmosphere.

It is also extremely suitable for health Care applications, such as ICs and elderly homes, and of course 24-hours applications.

In addition to the Slim LED Panel G5, the Downlight Performer is equipped with this TW technology.


Why choose classic?

With OPPLE Smart Lighting you can count on:
• Completely wireless control of lighting utilizing Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh
• Dynamic lighting without extra wiring
• Quick and easy installation, no need for a gateway
• Maximum energy savings thanks to the use of Smart Sensors
• Various scenes/moods can be set using the free OPPLE Smart Lighting App
• Unique features like daylight balance, the corridor feature, movement sensors and smart relay
• Maximum security thanks to coded signals and strict user management
• An excellent and affordable Smart Lighting system


OBS Brandevoort

We are proud of the Smart projects we realized together with our customers.

Have a look to see the possibilities and get inspired.

View projects

The school OBS Brandevoort implemented Smart Lighting. LED Panels BLE, LED Downlights BLE, Smart Sensor, Smart Switch and Smart Connect Box.



We are proud of the Smart projects we realized together with our customers.

Have a look to see the possibilities and get inspired.

View projects


De Vreeden Smeeing Installatietechniek

We are proud of the Smart projects we realized together with our customers.

Have a look to see the possibilities and get inspired.

View projects

Smart Lighting indoor portfolio:LED Slim Panel Performer, LED Downlight Performer HG, LED Waterproof Performer.

Smart Classic (App) manuals


Please find the manuals for the Smart Lighting below:

BLE2 SIG Mesh (new)





FAQ Smart Lighting

Can I add multiple switches to one area?

Yes, that is possible. Just add more than one switch to the same area. Please realize that every switch has its own lightings scenes (presets). Scene 1 on switch A is not the same as scene 1 on switch B. You just have to define them separately.

The Smart Sensor does not switch off the lights when there is nobody in the room, what do I need to do?

1. Connect the Smart Sensor to the power (230V)
2. Make sure the Smart Sensor is added to the relevant Area.
3. Activate the sensor by creating an “Automatic scene” and activate that scene by tapping on it, once created in the App.
4. Or: create an Smart Switch or App Scene with the Smart Sensor enabled and activate that Lighting Scene.
5. The correct setup of the Smart Sensor can be verified by activating the “Test Mode” in the Settings of the Smart Sensor by tapping on it in the Opple Smart App. After enabling the “Test Mode”, the Smart Sensor will turn off the lights already after 5-8 seconds of no movement detection. Please do not forget to turn off the “Test Mode” afterwards.

How do I reset the smart lighting luminaires?

Turn the power on/off 5 times (<1s per switch cycle). To confirm a reset, the luminaire will blink a few times.


Smart Support


Please contact our Smart Support for any smart related questions.


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